You’re on the CBP USB Drive help page. First off, thanks for your purchase! We hope you’re enjoying your photos, and that you had fun on The Polar Express™! Secondly, let’s see if we can’t figure out what trouble you’re having with your USB drive!

  1. Are you having issues submitting the form? Here’s a sample submission. All of the fields (except for the last one- but don’t be shy, we love hearing from our customers!) are mandatory, so if you missed one of the fields marked with an asterisk, it won’t let you proceed. Go ahead and make sure everything is filled out. It should look something like this:CBP form 1Are we on the right track now? All you need to do now is hit “Continue” to get to the second, and last page of the form, with some helpful (we hope!) tips as you’re waiting for your files:
  2. CBP Form 3


This is some good advice to think about, and if you have some worries about the email address you’re using, now is the time to hit that “Back” button and make the necessary changes. Once you hit “Submit” you’re all finished! You should be greeted by this message, as well as an email in your inbox:

CBP form 2

And that’s it. Now just sit back and wait a little bit and you’ll have your photos sent right to your inbox. How easy was that? Read on, if you’re still having issues…


Sooo, Where Are My Photos?

If you’ve been waiting patiently for your photos, and you feel like we should’ve gotten them to you by now (we’ve had customers ask why we hadn’t yet sent them the photos from their event… before we were even done shooting that night’s event- maybe you could wait a little longer than that!) please let us know on our dedicated USB Drive email, Someone should get back to you within a few hours, assuming you didn’t send it in the middle of the night. We need some sleep, too.



Your photos may also be caught up in your, or your company’s/school system’s spam folder, so check with your IT dept. to see if their email server allows messages with file attachments. Even in 2015, some email servers will bounce any message with an attachment. We fulfill our USB drive orders by uploading and sharing Google Drive folders, we’ve found that this is the most reliable way to get customers their photos. Sometimes, just the attachment of the html link can trigger an email server’s spam detection, and prevents the message from reaching its destination. The safest bet? Use an email address in your submission form from a larger email client (AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc.) to ensure that your files make their way to you. Don’t worry, we’ll make sure you get your files- we just want to make sure you get them as quickly as possible!


Did you lose a file card, or two, or all of them? Spill some hot chocolate in your envelope? Relax- these things happen! Really, they do. We’ve seen it. All you need to do is search the gallery for the day you rode- find the photos of you and your family, jot down the file numbers, and go back to the submission form and send it on in. We’re happy to accept multiple submissions if you found the rest of your cards at a later date, just make sure you mention that in the comment section at the bottom of the form so we know you’re not up to something shady- there are some real Grinches out there.


Sometimes, on the rarest of occasions, your actual USB drive will have a problem- we buy these things by the thousand, and sometimes you’ll go home with that 0.5% of bad hardware. If your drive isn’t mounting, or the images are coming up, shall we say, peculiarly, get in touch. We’ll make it right.



If you’re still finding that your question or concern isn’t answered herein, please get in touch on the email above. And thanks for letting CBP capture your family’s Christmas memories!